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Derksen Projection Systems

For more than 25 years Derksen Lichttechnik develops and manufactures projection systems for the point of sale, trade fairs, museums and significant architecture projects. You can view the whole spectrum of projection systems and the wide range of accessories at


Did You Know...

...what categories are?

Derksen Lichttechnik have developed their own category system which takes into account criteria such as the number of colours, the laser work and method of depiction needed to produce a glass gobo. The price of the finished product is based on the system and makes it easy for the customer to calculate.


Shapes of Light


The red dot award 2010 was presented to the Hilti design team.

From the 6th of July until the 1st of August the Hilti design team presented a special exhibition in the Red dot design museum which is situated on the grounds of the worlds cultural inheritance Zeche Zollverein in Essen. The exhibition featured their prize crowned product under the title, ''Designed for use. Not for museums,'' in an ambience that was cleverly produced using a building site theme.

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Glass Gobos of all Sizes

Derksen precision gobos are made from heat-resistant, metal-coated glass and dichroic colour filters. In permanent use, gobos keep their colour and are supplied with a 5 year guarantee. Derksen supplies gobos with diameters ranging from 22.5 mm up to 105 mm for all projectors available on the market. Templates are made from your digital image files, which can be uploaded here.

24-Hours Service

If we get an artwork file which meets our requirements (vector files or pixel files) before 12 am, the gobo can be delivered or picked up the same day.


Castle Ludinghausen

A Made-to-Measure Outdoor Illumination

In the city of Ludinghausen three castles form a unique monument landscape with high tourist appeal. The Castle Ludinghausen, built in the 12th century and rebuilt as a typical Renaissance castle in the 16th century, is today used as a social-cultural centre for exhibitions, seminars and Council meetings. The lighting concept of the “Burgfreunde” society was financed by donations from the “Sparkassen Finanzgruppe Kreis Coesfeld”. “RWE Rheinland Westfalen Netz” sponsored the necessary connection to the street lighting electricity network and the installation of three light poles. The technical implementation was made by “Gedike & Dopper Elektrogesellschaft mbH”.

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