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Gobos in various sizes.


Derksen produce glass gobos in various sizes ranging from 22.5 to 105 mm diameter so they're compatible with every projector system on the market. There are three price classes for the sizes, "small" (22.5 – 37 mm) "medium" (37.1 – 70 mm) and "large" (70.1 -105 mm). Other factors which affect the price are the number of coloured filter layers needed and the method of depiction. You can find a price list here



min. 22.5 mm                                   max. 105 mm

Gobo size,
details the
Image size,
details the
maximum size
of the projected image
which can be shown.


Because of the number of different projectors on the market and the continual technical changes made to them by the manufacturers it's impossible for us to save additional data concerning gobo and image sizes which is why it's important you include the measurement of your gobos with your enquiry. You'll find this information in the manufacturers instruction manual.


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